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When a beloved Uncle Freddie passed away very suddenly in July of 1970. He was in the hospital it was an aneurism, that went to his brain. There was nothing that could be done to save to him. He was 53 years old and left a wife and seven children. The family ran a large dairy farm in Saskatchewan. Uncle Freddie had a beloved dog Rex. The family had lit a candle it in the living room. The phone rang, the candle went out. Rex let out a single loud howl. He than went to the bedroom and crawled under the side of the bed that Freddie slept in . Rex refused to come out or eat or drink anything for the better part of two days. Do you believe he knew his best friend would never come home again.

1. Do you believe in animals that can detect the spirts of humans who have passed on.

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2. Years later I was in a cemetery in Winnipeg called Brookside looking for the grave of an ancestor my great Aunt Jane who had passed on years earlier. She raised my grandmother among other siblings when their mother passed on in childbirth. I wanted to leave some flowers, in appreciation. I had my little pug Mari Loo with me. I felt her leash and collar were not necessary, as there was no else around and she rarely left my side and always came when called. We found the grave and I placed the flowers. When I was getting ready to head back to the vehicle, much to my surprise Mari Loo had taken off. Upon scanning the cemetery I saw her. She was two sections over. There was a lone gravestone a top of the hill. My little dog was running back in forth, as if she were playing with someone. I quickly ran over to the area where she was. I could not catch her and she would not come. For the next 15 minutes or so I just watched. When Mari Loo finally exhausted herself she went to the head of the grave and laid down. I called her she would not come. I let her lay there to rest for a few minutes and picked her up and carried her back to the vehicle. After obtaining a notepad and pen from the car. I drove over close to the grave and got out and wrote down the information on the stone. It was the grave of a little girl who was 11 years old and who had passed in 1912. I later discovered through some research that she had died in a horrible accident. She had been trampled by a horse who ran away with the buggy it was pulling. Do you think that her spirit could not rest due to the way she passed on

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The entire episode was just a strange occurrence with no basis
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3. Have you or someone close to you ever had a similar experience with one of your pets .

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