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We all have seen these surveys about "dream cars" based on "if money wasn't an issue." The reality is we rarely are in a situation where money isn't an issue but we still buy cars. Some of them we love, some of them we hate and sometimes we wish we had bought something else. This survey is about the "something else" - a car that would have fit your budget but for whatever reason you bought something else - and possibly regretted it. I will list a few of my regrets, see if you agree or would have had another option, and feel free to add your own cars you loved, cars you hated, and cars you wished you had bought instead in the comments below.

1. Let's start at the beginning. Have you ever had two cars you liked, bought one of them, wished later you bought the other one.

I do my homework, always buy the right car, no regrets
725 votes
I liked the car in the showroom, made a quick decision, bought the wrong car, stuck with it but wished I bought a different one.
134 votes
Bought the wrong car, took it back, got the one I wanted, didn't cost much to make the change.
44 votes
Bought the wrong car, took it back, got the one I wanted, cost me a fortune to make the switch.
37 votes
Bought the wrong car, couldn't take it back, hated it and it hated me, always broke down, regret it ever since.
67 votes
Other (please specify)
30 votes
Not Applicable
1,163 votes

2. I had the choice of 1. A 1972 Pontiac 2 door, bronze metallic paint, vinyl roof, inline 6 cylinder, 2 speed transmission OR 2. A 1973, Buick Le Sabre, 4 door, green metallic paint, vinyl roof 454 cubic inch V8, 3 speed transmission. I bought the bigger Buick without spousal input, she hated it and said so inside the car. The car got its revenge by breaking down regularly at great expense and eventually going up in flames at the dealership where we tried to trade it in. Why do you think this was?

I should never have bought a green car.
130 votes
My spouse should never have criticized the car when the car could listen in.
98 votes
The dealer saw me coming when he sold me that car and was waiting to get rid of this lemon.
413 votes
It had the 454 V8 - that was asking for trouble.
144 votes
Other (please specify)
52 votes
Not Applicable
1,148 votes
All of the above.
312 votes

3. I had a choice of a Hyundai Elantra Hatchback or a Toyota Matrix Hatchback. I bought the Hyundai Elantra. I will tell you what happened in the comments. What would you have done?

You made the right choice. Hyundai makes good cars.
294 votes
You made the wrong choice. Should have bought the Toyota.
457 votes
Neither car - buy American. Pontiac Vibe - it's the same car.
229 votes
None of the above.
238 votes
Other (please specify)
21 votes
Not Applicable
986 votes
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