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Walmart can't count

1. Okay, Walmart has gotten harder and harder to shop at. There are almost never any cashier lanes open. The self-checkout kiosks almost never work. So, fine, I downloaded the app and ordered my groceries for pickup. Pulled up to the store, they put them in my car. Easy right? I get home and discover that instead of 2 onions, there are 4. Instead of 2 oranges, there are 10. I check my receipt, no I didn't pay for the extras. What to do?

Call the store and ask how to return the extras.
672 votes
Thank my lucky stars for the free food and do nothing.
1,112 votes
Not Applicable
516 votes

2. Well, I'm not a thief and so I call the store to try to make this right. 20 minutes and at least 6 people later, I still don't have an answer about what to do. Yup, apparently, Walmart never makes mistakes and thus I'm crazy for trying to point one out. Fine. I place another order for the extra items, never intending to pick it up. However, I kept getting reminders about the second order.

Get the order and donate it to charity.
1,021 votes
Get the order and leave it at the customer service desk.
480 votes
Not Applicable
799 votes

3. Any one else have this problem with grocery pickup or other similar service?

181 votes
893 votes
Not Applicable
1,226 votes
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