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Michel de Nostredame, or Nostradamus, was a 16th-century writer and apothecary believed by many to be the world’s foremost authority on prophecies. Nostradamus’ fervent followers credit the French mystic with predicting many of the world’s biggest events in cryptic passages. It's the start of a new year--and a new decade! What are your predictions for the upcoming year and decade? We will post 6 surveys each worth 25 points where we will ask you to pick which predictions you think will happen.If you answer all 6 surveys, you will be entered into a drawing for 10,000 Tellwut points (2 US winners, 2 CA winners). Surveys will be posted on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting January 14. Surveys are only live for 48 hours. Comment below what you think will happen in 2020!

1. January Promotion #5-2020-2030 Trends. Which do you think we will see commonly in North America?

Spit dating- It's scientifically proven that us humans are more quickly attracted to a person's scent rather than their looks, as we subconsciously use smell to determine whether a potential mate's genes will mix with our own to make healthy babies. Taking this idea further, matchmaking companies like Esync are now bringing the DNA matchmaking service to Hong Kong. Simply provide your saliva sample and you'll be paired with a compatible potential mate for speed dating
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Reverse vending machines- Hong Kong's biggest drinks manufacturers have launched 'reverse' vending machines campaigns – rewarding every recycled plastic bottle in exchange for credits. International organisations such as Plastic-Free Precincts are launching more pop-ups in various neighbourhoods, encouraging people to trade in recyclable plastics to unlock rewards from shopping and dining hotspots.
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Slash culture-Recently, young freelancers have embraced a new identity based on the slash '/' symbol, to describe the increasingly common practice of pursuing multiple careers at once. Coined by New York Times columnist Marci Alboher in her book One Person / Multiple Careers: The Original Guide to the Slash Career, the "slashie" prefers to one who works in multiple fields, rather than being tied down to a single career path.
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Micro escapes-The challenge of work-life balance, the ability to work remotely from anywhere, and the lifestyle of constant hustle have led travelers to find ways to be more efficient with their trip planning, seeking alternatives to traditional week-long getaways.In a 2015 survey, close to half of the respondents were more likely to take multiple weekend trips in the year instead of one long vacation, as compared to data from 2010.
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Brand Avatars- Virtual avatars are making noise elsewhere and this trend will continue to grow. Some examples: The Chinese state news agency, Xinhau, have launched their second virtual news anchor,and Japan based skin care company SK-II announced it had an avatar ambassador designed to answer questions and give customers skin care advice
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