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It may not be everyone's favorite time of year but there are still plenty of fun activities to do in the winter! We will post 6 surveys each worth 25 points where we will ask you which activity you would rather do. If you answer all 6 surveys, you will be entered into a draw for 10,000 Tellwut points (2 US winners, 2 CA winners). Surveys will be posted on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting February 11. Surveys are only live for 48 hours. Comment below what your favorite winter activities are!


1. February Promotion #6--Which relaxing winter activity would you rather do?

Kingfisher Oceanside Resort Pacific Mist Spa, British Columbia- The Pacific Mist Spa features an hour-long "hydrotherapy path," which takes guests through a series of ocean-inspired water features, including a massaging waterfall, mineral massage pools, a steam cave, and tidal baths with sea-salt scrubs.Tap into your inner mermaid with a Pacific ocean seaweed bath followed by a saltwater bath.
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Rustic Adirondack cabin getaway-A cozy cabin in the Adirondack Mountains is your ticket to a fairytale winter getaway. Get a taste of the rustic life in cabins near Lake Placid, where you'll experience nature's beauty and the nearby village's vibrant downtown. Whether you hit the slopes at Whiteface Mountain, soak in the beauty of Mirror Lake, or kick back with a craft beer at Lake Placid Brewery, this area guarantees an unforgettable winter vacation.
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