Results for - We all did our best to raise our kids right and hoped that this would make them good parents for their own kids. How is that working out for you so far?

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It is that time of year when we grandparents start buying gifts for our grandchildren (those of us who have been "blessed" with them). For my wife and I this has been a source of frustration. Our daughter in law is a hoarder and accepts bags of used clothes and toys from her church people who just want to get rid of the stuff. The grand kids have so many used items they don't recognize the nice new stuff we buy them in the mess. They also have not been taught to say "thank you" for presents when we do buy them. As a result they are easy to buy for - an Amazon gift certificate sent to my son. My son used to argue with his wife over this kind of thing to no avail so now spends most of his time in his man cave "working" - COVID19 has given him more reasons to spend his time there. When we visit them we just make the best of things and overlook the chaos and "poor parenting". It's not easy to do but it is only for a few times per year before we head south for the winter.. As they say, insanity is genetic - we get it from our kids. Are your own kids good parents?

1. Do you buy new toys and clothing items for your grandchildren and do they appreciate them?

I feel good when I see my grandchildren wearing the clothes we gave as gifts and playing with the toys we bought for them.
471 votes
We rarely buy clothes or toys for our grandchildren. They have so many of these items already they don't recognize the stuff we buy or appreciate getting them.
169 votes
The grandchildren have been brought up to appreciate the time and effort it takes to buy gifts for them and these items have a special place in the house where they are "treasured".
187 votes
Other (please specify)
31 votes
Not Applicable
1,442 votes
If you have grandchildren how do you feel about gift giving?
  • like it
  • I love it! But I don't spend much because anything they take home--they live with their mom and her mother and aunt--gets lost and I never see it again. If I or their other grandma buys something nice, we keep it at her house and they can play with it on their weekly visit!
  • I love buying for them. The grandson is all in for go carts so we help pay for rental time. My granddaughter is crazy about horses so anything horsey like riding lessons are great for her. She missed out on 2 Christmas gift of Tim because pandemic but son & daughter in law have put th money into a bank account and hopefully she can get to the farm this spring.

2. We always made sure that our children said "Thank you" for any gifts they received and treated these gifts as something special. We didn't "spoil" our children with too many gifts so they were more likely to appreciate gifts from others. Unfortunately we don't choose our children's life partners and don't control what kind of parents they are for our grandchildren. Do your grandchildren thank you for gifts you give them?

The grand kids have been taught to say please and thank you and to always acknowledge receiving gifts from relatives.
646 votes
The grand kids have NOT been taught to say please and thank you and never acknowledge receiving gifts from relatives.
111 votes
The grand kids sometimes say please and thank you and rarely acknowledge receiving gifts from relatives. Their parents don't think this is important.
133 votes
Other (please specify)
15 votes
Not Applicable
1,419 votes
How important is it to teach "The Magic Words" "Please" and "Thank You"
  • utmost importance
  • I stopped giving gifts to kids a long time ago because of their moronic parents NOT teaching them the magic words.
  • Imperative

3. Is gift giving a source of pleasure for you or a source of frustration? And why do you feel that way?

I enjoy buying gifts for the grand children and look forward to this time of year.
594 votes
Buying gifts for the grand children has become a chore and we don't look forward to this time of year.
145 votes
Buying gifts for the grand children was so disheartening we stopped doing it (or sent a token gift certificate instead).
111 votes
Other (please specify)
39 votes
Not Applicable
1,431 votes
Is the season of giving a magical time or a source of frustration - please comment.
  • I find it is a season of magical times with all of my bunch,
  • grandkids live in Europe - we send money
  • It’s a magical time
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