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Results: May Promotion 2024--Springtime Refresh #2! How do you refresh your home for spring?

Published on 05/16/2024
By: Tellwut
With spring in full swing, May's promotion will be dedicated to polls about spring cleaning tips, favorite springtime activities, or best ways to refresh your home or wardrobe for the season.Take all 6 surveys for a chance to be one of four 10,000 point winners!
Surveys will be posted on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting May 14. Surveys are only live for 48 hours.
May Promotion 2024--Springtime Refresh #2! How do you refresh your home for spring?
Adding fresh flowers and plants
955 votes
Changing decor to lighter colors
379 votes
Rearranging furniture for a new layout
301 votes
Incorporating natural textures like rattan or bamboo
126 votes
Other (please specify)
58 votes
Not Applicable
679 votes
Updating throw pillows and blankets with pastel or other spring/summer hues
386 votes
Adding pops of seasonal accents like Easter decorations
269 votes
Deep cleaning carpets and upholstery
628 votes
Introducing outdoor-inspired artwork or photography
122 votes
Other Answers Percentage Votes
0.31% 10
Spring cleaning 0.09% 3
Doing new paintings 0.03% 1
outdoor plants 0.03% 1
Open the doors 0.03% 1
try to keep th windows open to get in fresh air. shut the furnace off 0.03% 1
Take curtains down and wash replace with lighter ones, clean whole house so it smells fresh, change bedding to lighter covers and clean bedrooms, and open windows. 0.03% 1
Change the scents of my candles and wax melts to springtime scents. 0.03% 1
opening windows 0.03% 1
Gardening 0.03% 1
Opening all windows and let the fresh scent in 0.03% 1
Spring clean 0.03% 1
Washing all walls 0.03% 1
Relaxing chillaxing lovin my family 0.03% 1
cleaning things out more 0.03% 1
Hang all material items on the clothes line to refresh them. 0.03% 1
Spring cleaning all over 0.03% 1
Changing my computer wallpaper to Springtime images, such as flowers 0.03% 1
change of atmosphereic pressure 0.03% 1
Power washing the place. 0.03% 1
cleaning windows inside and outside 0.03% 1
Open windows and get a good airing out. 0.03% 1
open the windows 0.03% 1
Opening the windows to bring fresh air into the house 0.03% 1
berries...I hope! 0.03% 1
Change the decorations on our year-round tree to summer-themed ones and change the front door wreath to a summery one. 0.03% 1
opening all the windows and airing out the house 0.03% 1
air freshener 0.03% 1
Changing to lighter blankets/afghans, etc. for sleeping at night. 0.03% 1
Open windows more to get fresh air in (along with the pollen and dust). 0.03% 1
For me just giving my house a good clean is an event. 0.03% 1
Clean the house--not deep clean. Switch fall and winter clothes out to spring and summer in the closet. Store snow stuff. 0.03% 1
opening the windows 0.03% 1
Housecleaning, spring clean. 0.03% 1
Changing sheets 0.03% 1
keep windows open more frequently 0.03% 1
open the windows to air the place out, do a deep cleaning, maybe get something new 0.03% 1
house cleaning 0.03% 1
Hand work projs tend to accumulate downstairs in the winter due to no heat in storage; spring comes, I take it all back to my storage room upstairs. 0.03% 1
Organization and purging 0.03% 1
wash windows and curtains 0.03% 1
deep clean 0.03% 1
outdoor activities 0.03% 1
open the windows and let some fresh air in before it gets hot in April. 0.03% 1