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1. winter is practically here, and I would like to know how many people feel changes in there moods towards having to shovel, de-ice their vehicule and go to work early.

When winter is here, I just feel like doing like a bear does and going into hibernation.
847 votes
When this time of year arrives, I feel happy and Jolly, and have no problem whatsoever getting up early as usual, and going to work!
315 votes
When it is this time of year, i'd rather call in sick, stay cooped up, sleep in and drink hot cocoa while watching reruns.
422 votes
I have no problem getting up early, shoveling a path to my car in order to de-ice it and get it warm for fifteen minutes before heading to work for an ungrateful boss.
340 votes
Other (please specify)
237 votes

2. Do you like winters here in Canada, or if you could, would you rather take a plane and go someplace warm on vacation.

I like winter and all the snow and cold weather.
382 votes
I don't hate it, but neither do I love it.
784 votes
I hate winter and would rather live in Barbados.
554 votes
Other (please specify)
255 votes

3. What Winter activities do you prefer to enjoy during the holiday's?

I enjoy taking walks while i enjoy the beauty of the snowfall, and the countryside.
523 votes
I like activities I get to take advantage of with the kids, such as building snowmen, going skiing or sleighriding.
339 votes
I just like to stay insid where its nice and warm and watch movies while adding another log to the fireplace and cuddling with my family and pets underneath the warm sheets!!!
1,260 votes
Other (please specify)
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