Naughty Coal

Is there anyone in your life you'd like to send a lump of coal to for Christmas this year?

Well, let me introduce you to Naughty Coal, the startup company that will send a lump of a coal to your enemies. Have you heard about this?

The packages are sent out one week before Christmas, to ensure timely delivery. You can also create a custom message to go along with the coal. They will not, however, print anything vulgar or threatening. Is this something you'd be interested in?

If so, would you send it to a real "enemy" or just for fun to a friend or loved one?

You have the option to remain anonymous or reveal yourself as the sender via your custom message. Which would you prefer?

12/23/2015 Seasons 1634 28 By: MamaV1776


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By: MamaV1776