Amount Of Presents You Give

There was this woman who posted a photo on Facebook of her Christmas Tree and the Presents she had bought for her children. Now, there were tons of parents and non-parents who bashed and shamed her terribly just because of the amount of presents there was under the tree. The woman came out and told people that most if not all of them were cheap presents. But people were still angry with her for posting the picture. Some even said that it was a "disgusting" picture because they couldn't afford to get their children that many gifts.

Was it wrong of her to post the photo?

Which matters more: quantity or price?

Would you buy your child(ten) tons of gifts if you could?

Should she have been bashed for providing her children with that many presents? What is your take on this situation?

12/31/2015 Seasons 1803 83 By: MandieShea


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By: MandieShea