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Intersex are athletes who identify as having "differences of sex development." Intersex is an umbrella term for people who are born with sex characteristics “that do not fit typical binary notions of male or female bodies,” according to a definition by the human rights arm of the United Nations. Caster Semenya is hyperandrogenous, meaning her body naturally produces high amounts of testosterone, the hormone that helps build muscle, endurance and speed. Experts believe Semenya and other intersex athletes, although born female, develop internal testes around the time they hit puberty — keeping their gender the same but creating an unfair advantage. The Court of Arbitration for Sport's panel of three judges denied Semenya's appeal against IAAF rules that will force female runners like " Caster Semenya" to decrease naturally high testosterone levels in select track and field events as intersex athletes. They do not allow her to compete as a "female" athlete because she has a natural advantage (more testosterone) over other athletes competing in the event.

1. Do you think it is fair/unfair to not allow Caster Semenya participate in female marathons, as she produces more testosterone than other female athletes

1,330 votes
1,770 votes

2. Do you think that female athletes should be allowed to take external testosterone if competing against intersex athletes like Caster Semenya?

852 votes
2,248 votes

3. Which of the following is a better option, in terms of a fair competition?

Do not allow intersex athletes (naturally producing more testosterone) to participate in female sports competition
1,385 votes
Allow female athletes to take external testosterone if competing against intersex athletes
585 votes
Allow intersex athletes to decrease naturally high amount of testosterone with use of external drugs when competing with female athletes
1,130 votes
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