College Football Playoff Controversy

If your a fan of college football you know the playoffs with the top four ranked teams to decide the national championship is just around the corner. The NCAA switched to the playoff system after 17 years of using coaches polls, press rankings and bowl games to decide the national championship. These were very controversial and many were calling for a playoff system for years. There still are polls and bowl games, but only a 12-member selection committee decides on the final rankings and the four top teams to be in the playoff to decide the national championship. Many however, believe the new playoff system is just as controversial as the old system (last years Ohio State-TCU switch is an example).

Do you follow college football?

Is the new college football playoff system better than the old way using polls and bowls to decide the national championship?

Should college football go back to the old system and eliminate the playoffs?

Would you like to see new changes like expanding the playoffs to 8 teams instead of 4 as some are calling for?

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