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Okay, so this isn't one of the critical issues of our times but I'd still be interested to know the consensus view on something I've debated others about in the past. Many competitive activities get recognized as being a "sport" whether by official governing sporting bodies or by sports media editors and programmers - but are they really? What do you think? (In each instance please choose the option you are more inclined to)

1. Auto Racing: Certainly it requires skill and stamina but the 'athletes' spend the entire competition on their backsides. Of course so do bicyclists but at least their bodies are propelling the vehicles instead of just steering them. So, what do you think... is auto racing more a sport or more a competitive hobby?

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Competitive hobby
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2. Chess: The International Olympic Committee has recognized chess as being a 'sport' since 1999 and there is a movement to have it included as an official sport in the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. I mean, really... is chess actually a sport or is it a game?

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3. Golf: Practitioners of golf constantly refer to 'the game of golf' but bristle if you refer to it as being more a game than an actual sport. Now it's being reinstated as a sport in the Olympics after a 112 year absence. So, what do you think... is golf more a game or more a sport?

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4. Darts and Billiards: You often see them televised on sports networks when they need some cheap programming as filler but are they really 'sports' or are they games?

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5. Bowling: It is under consideration to be included at the 2020 Olympiad and at one time you'd occasionally see it televised (like on ABC's Wide World of Sports) but not so much anymore. It can be argued however that at least bowling isn't performed while sitting down or standing on one spot, there is self-propelled forward motion. But is that enough? What do you think... sport or game?

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6. Ice Skating and Gymnastics: Ice skaters and gymnasts are indeed superb athletes but can anything decided by outside observers (as if they are more like a beauty contest) really be considered a 'sport'? What do you think... should athletic activities such as these be considered 'sports' or are they more contests?

They are sports
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They are contests
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