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Just like us, computers generate heat as they function, but they have a limit as to how hot they can get internally before they begin to operate poorly and can even suffer permanent damage from overheating.The CPU or processor and the video card are two of your computer's parts most susceptible to overheating, though RAM (memory cards), hard drives, power supplies and others can as well. You can check to see what temperatures your computer's internal parts are running at with a software program (app) such as Piriform's Speccy, Tech Power Up's Real Temp and others. Most are free to download and use very little system resources. In addition to showing you the temperatures in real time, most also show you how close your computer is getting to overheating with gauges or color coded numbers. The Speccy program I'm running shows a bar graph and gauge that will turn yellow if it's getting close to a danger level or red if it is in danger of damage. Currently, my video card is running at 32 degrees C and my processor is running at 37 degrees C. My processor's maximum temperature that it can run at for any length of time without permanent damage is 72 degrees C and the one for my video card is 98 degrees C. Though, I try to keep the temps well below that by opening up my computer case and blowing off the parts with compressed air (while wearing a wired anti-static wrist strap) at least monthly and by checking to make sure the case fans are working properly. If I ever see the temps getting into the yellow range on Speccy, I replace the case fans with new ones as fans are cheaper than a new processor or video card. When it's hot like it is in the summer here in Las Vegas, I also point a floor fan towards my case to keep the air around the case from getting too hot.

1. How hot is your computer?

below 30 degrees C
235 votes
30 to 50 degrees C
393 votes
50 to 70 degrees C
352 votes
above 70 degrees C
150 votes
Not Applicable
1,470 votes
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