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With the challenge of developing food to eat in microgravity, scientists were faced with basic questions such as could food be digested easily? Or how would it react to extreme pressure and vibrations during launch? A strict checklist was followed. Food must be crumble-free, lightweight, easy to prepare and consume, long-lasting with no need for refrigeration and nutritious enough to sustain an astronaut throughout their space duties. The first meal eaten in space was in the spring of 1961 by Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. He had pureed meat in a squeezable toothpaste-style tube, followed by a tube of chocolate sauce. The following year, NASA celebrated John Glenn becoming the first American to eat in space, squeezing puréed beef with vegetables from an aluminum tube, among other edible delights.

1. If there will be a restaurant in space, would you like to go and eat there?

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