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In the study - iHuman: Blurring Lines between Mind and Machine - leading scientists at the UK's Royal Society lay out the opportunities and risks of brain-to-computer devices. Devices that merge machines with the human brain need to be investigated, a study has said. In future, "people could become telepathic to some degree" and being able to read someone else's thoughts raises ethical issues, experts said. This could become especially worrying if those thoughts were shared with corporations. Commercial products should not come from "a handful of companies", they added. In the US it is estimated that 60,000 spinal-cord stimulators are implanted annually and around the world some 400,000 people have benefited from cochlear implants. Thousands of people with Parkinson's disease and similar conditions have been treated with deep brain stimulation, and artificial pancreases and wireless heart monitors are also common.

1. Do you think that your mental thoughts can be read and translated by a machine?

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2. A Bluetooth is a wireless technology that can transmit data and information from one mobile phone to another. If scientists implant a Bluetooth in human brain, do you think that humans can become telepathic?

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3. Dr Tim Constandinou, director of the next generation neural Interfaces (NGNI) Lab, at Imperial College London and co-chair of the report, said: "By 2040 neural interfaces are likely to be an established option to enable people to walk after paralysis and tackle treatment-resistant depression, they may even have made treating Alzheimer's disease a reality. Do you think neural interfaces should only be used for treating disabled patients?

Use Neural Interfaces only for treating patients
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Use Neural Interface for both, treating patients and helping healthy people increase their brain strength
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