Facebook suspends tens of thousands of apps!

Facebook says it has suspended tens of thousands of apps as part of an investigation it launched in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica data harvesting scandal. The suspended apps were associated with about 400 developers, it said. Facebook said not all the apps posed a threat to users. The company came under huge pressure in 2018 after it was revealed that Cambridge Analytica had accessed many users' data without permission. The political consultancy firm is alleged to have used this data - harvested by a personality quiz - to target political advertising. Some apps were banned completely for reasons including inappropriately sharing data obtained from Facebook or making data publicly available without protecting people's identity. One banned app called myPersonality was found to be sharing information with researchers and companies with only limited protections in place, and then refused to take part in an audit, according to Facebook.

Do you remember the Cambridge Analytics -Facebook data breach scandal?

If you have a FB account, do you think that your data (e.g photos, friends list etc.) is safe?

If you figured out that an app that connects with your FB account sells your data to research companies, will you be concerned about it?

FB is taking action against apps that share users information without their consent and keeps an eye on them, does this re-store your faith in Facebook as a company?

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