Did You Dial?

Was the first telephone you ever used a rotary dial model?

If you ever used a rotary dial phone, were you one to keep your finger in the hole corresponding to the digit you were dialing. or did you take your finger out of the hole as the dial rotated back into place?

If you ever used rotary dial telephones, in what decade did you last use one to make a call?

A TV talk show I watch (but more ilsten to than watch,. really) sometimes features shots of the old multi-line dial rotary telephone in the studio while callers into the show are talking. To me, the sight is at once nostalgic and peculiar. How would you respond to seeing seeing such a thing on your TV, computer or smartphone screen?

While making a call to my state's Department of Motor Vehicles today, an automated prompt directed me to press either 1 or 2 for the option I'd want. It got me to thinking of how 1)anyone with only a rotary dial phone would manage nowadays and 2)grateful I am for the time saved by pressing digits instead of dialing them. Still, I recall dialing as being kind of fun, too. And you?

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