Do you still own and/or play game consoles from the 70's/80's?

Gamers are everywhere with gaming systems (ones that connect directly to a TV) that would have been unbelievable to us in those early days. The graphics on some games today look better than movies did when we had the original early game consoles.

We were amazed to see pong, excited by the graphics of Crystal Castles then came the mouth dropping graphics of games like Legend of Zelda. OOooOO, color -AND- much better moves!

I have early game consoles that I still play (probably more than I should). I'm focused on the stand alone systems, not the computers that also played games (like a Commodore) Are there others out there who still play old consoles?

Do you remember game consoles from the 70's/80's?

Do you own or have access to old game consoles?

Which game console/consoles do you have?

Do you still play the oldies but goodies on the console?

Do you have enough games for the consoles or wish you had more?

Regardless of access to a "vintage" game console, do you ever play 'retro games' on the web through a game emulator?

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By: Milano2