"Too Connected"

I have found that I have become too "connected" due to having my cell phone with me at all times. Do you feel the same way? Every time I hear a notification, it's like I have to IMMEDIATELY stop what I'm doing and go check it. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate new technology but I think sometimes we become a slave to them. I have forgotten what it was like to not be able to "check messages" until i got home and checked my answering machine. In some ways I think it has made life easier, but in others more chaotic. What's your thought?

Do you immediately stop what you are doing and go check your phone when you hear a notification sound alerting you that you have a new text, message,email,etc.

Do you remember having to wait to get home to check your messages on an answering machine?

Has technology, with cell phones specifically, made your life easier, or more chaotic?

01/15/2016 Technology 1804 47 By: proudmama8993


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By: proudmama8993