Cell Phone Insurance

Do you currently have a smart phone?

If so, do you pay for insurance for your device?

If you have insurance on your phone, have you ever had to use it?

Here's my story - about a month ago my phone received water damage. One week after the incident, it stopped charging. It would stay "alive" as long as you kept it plugged in, but the charge would not go up. I went into Verizon and was told that since it hadn't been 2 years since I got my last phone (even though that phone was paid for and not on an installment plan), I could not get a new one. My two options were to either buy a used/refurbished Verizon phone elsewhere and have them activate it - OR add insurance to my plan, file a claim, pay a deductible, and get a new phone. I decided to go with the second option and added the insurance. The Verizon agent informed me on the way out to make sure I told the insurance company that the incident had happened THAT day, because they wouldn't pay for damages prior to me acquiring insurance. Does this sound like insurance fraud to you?

Well, that's what it sounded like me. And I felt very uneasy as I thought about it driving home. I then began to Google the insurance company that they signed me up with - Asurion. They have a single star rating on ConsumerAffairs.com and a 2 star rating on Yelp. I read over 100 reviews and maybe only 2 of them were positive. Most stated a myriad of problems, including - the deductible being twice what they were told, the wait time for receiving a replacement being twice what they were told, and receiving a phone that either didn't work or began to stop working shortly after getting it. If you have ever filed a claim with Asurion for a cell phone, what was your experience?

I ended up never filing a claim. It felt wrong. Then my brother-in-law informed me that his father had a barely used Galaxy Note 3 I could have. It's basically brand new. My question is, given the horrible reviews for the insurance company, do I continue paying for phone insurance or do I cancel it?

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