False Alarm

Do you or someone you know have a home security system?

Does your security system have different alerts for different events?

Some weeks back, my husband and I were taking an afternoon nap when our security system sounded what we call the 'distress event' alarm. Our distress event turned out to be a false alarm, but we did not know that until the police arrived and were able to check the outside of the house for signs of forced entry as we waited behind a locked door upstairs. I was very pleased with our personal response and how quickly both the monitoring company and the police responded. Have you ever had a false alarm event while you were present?

Were you happy with the response to the alarm event?

Because several weeks have passed since our false alarm, we were treating it as a mildly amusing story to tell our friends - until we got a bill from the county for the false alarm. Were you aware that in many localities you can be charged a fee if first responders respond to a false alarm?

What do you think of being charged for a false alarm - in our case, squirrels in our attic space partially chewing through a wire being the primary suspects?

Finally, and most importantly IMO, did your false alarm expose flaws in your home security procedures?

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