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I had to visit a medical office after hours recently and when I was making the arrangements to get through security, I used the phrase "Checkpoint Charlie" only to get a blank stare from someone who obviously had never heard the expression. When I tried to clarify things by alluding to The Berlin Wall I drew another blank. Yes the security guard was quite young but I was still shocked that this period in world history was being forgotten already. So without going to Google or any other search engine what do you know about these important/significant world events that predate 9-11 (the only event this guy remembered)?

1. Checkpoint Charlie - it is or was famous because:

It was about someone called Charlie who showed up every day at a checkpoint on the US border
287 votes
It was a checkpoint separating East Berlin from West Berlin during the cold war.
1,595 votes
It is the border between North and South Korea
500 votes
Other (please specify)
118 votes

2. The Berlin Wall - It is or was famous because:

It was the wall around the old city of Berlin that was knocked down by the USSR at the end of WW2 to liberate the city from the Nazis
298 votes
It is a wall built by the Soviet Union to separate East and West Berlin and restrict movement between East and West Germany. It was mostly knocked down by Germans on both sides to liberate East Germany from the Soviet Union.
1,886 votes
It is a mostly symbolic painted line that shows where the old Nazi headquarters were in Berlin.
238 votes
Other (please specify)
78 votes

3. The Cultural Revolution - is or was famous because:

It preserved Chinese Communism by purging remnants of capitalist and traditional elements from Chinese society.
697 votes
It marked the end of Communism in China and the introduction of Western style capitalism
773 votes
It introduced the phrases African American, Asian American, Japanese American, Italian American and Irish American as a means of welcoming people of other cultures to mainstream America in order to integrate them into society.
885 votes
Other (please specify)
145 votes

4. History repeats itself - is an important fact to be aware of because:

If we don't study history we will repeat the same mistakes of the past.
1,839 votes
If we focus too much on history we can't move forward into the future
320 votes
Other (please specify)
81 votes
All we learn from history is how screwed up we used to be and it was our parent's fault.
260 votes

5. I'm sure there are many things that happened since the end of WW11 that seemed important at the time but our kids haven't even heard of. What events do you think should make the list. Give readers your thoughts in the comments section.

I can't think of anything.
1,436 votes
I'm too young/old to remember.
562 votes
See my answer in the comments section
337 votes
Other (please specify)
165 votes
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