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Results: Mini Polls

Published on 06/21/2024
By: Tellwut
This is just some information about mini polls that surveys sometimes add on before a regular survey!
1. surveys may sometimes have mini polls ahead of the main survey. Unfortunately, they don't tell you it's a separate poll, and they look exactly like the screening part of a survey, so it may seem like you're being routed to different surveys or that the main survey was longer than it was, when really it was a mini + the main survey. We do give points for them though! They are just a couple minutes long and we give 35 points (or 40 if you are on a streak!). You can see these points by going to your Balance page and filtering by External Survey. You won't know for sure if they are the mini polls as it is just a survey ID, but they should be 35 or 40 points. Even if you complete the mini poll, then go to the main survey and disqualify, you will still get the mini poll points. Have you ever completed a mini poll like this?
1111 votes
484 votes
I don't know, I'm going to check my Balance page!
653 votes
Not Applicable
252 votes
We did add a special message at the end so that when you return to Tellwut, it should tell you that you received those points for the mini poll, but it seems that may not be working so we are trying to test and resolve that issue. Once it is resolved, we will update you! In the meantime, if you think you completed a mini poll, you can always check your balance page OR you can contact us at and we will check! If you have any questions or are confused about this issue, you can also contact us at our support. Have you ever contacted our support before?
1227 votes
1273 votes