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Do you think Hillary Clinton is a sore loser?

05/10/2019 Politics 2753 166 Anonymous

Joe Biden Announces Presidential Candidacy

04/28/2019 Politics 3035 107 By: Tellwut

Corruption At The Highest Level

04/25/2019 Politics 2410 124 Anonymous

Federal Carbon Tax in Canada. Put a price on pollution

04/23/2019 Politics 2512 45 By: Studio

How do you view the government of the US president?

04/20/2019 Politics 2632 107 By: eduarme

Do you like how Donald Trump is running America?

04/18/2019 Politics 2758 176 By: Jerry34

Political survey for Canadians

04/12/2019 Politics 2422 38 Anonymous

Do you care about taking the time to vote for the president?

04/10/2019 Politics 2536 91 By: mlwils2009